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Marketing Analytics

Running the same marketing campaigns over and over without measuring what is working – and what is not – is the equivalent to tossing your wallet overboard at sea and hoping it floats back to you.

With marketing analytics, the guesswork is gone. We implement marketing solutions backed by data and inspired by insights. Our goal? Optimization of your marketing efforts and maximization of return on ad spend (ROAS).

Marketing analytics.

It might seem like a “nice to have” capability, but today’s eCommerce, B2B and B2C companies rely regularly on analytics to make the best, informed decisions.

Our services include supporting your company’s digital transformation process, implementation of marketing analytics solutions, hosting and technical support, and insights and optimization services for better marketing.

Attribution and Analytics Solutions That are Privacy-First

Smartech Results helps enterprises and brands procure top-notch analytics through identity resolution that is done in a privacy-first manner. Whether is multi-touch attribution, customer journey mapping, ROAS analysis or Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) calculations, it all creates analytics with lots of data points and deep insights for marketers.

We are not reliant on cookies and don’t use approaches that today’s consumer would find remotely invasive. The power behind SmartechResults is LeadsRx Attribution™, the leading marketing analytics solution with a proprietary identity graph built to unify customer paths to purchase across devices, browsers, and apps.

See how LeadsRx does it in this special report, “What’s Working in Modern Analytics?”


Capture interactions with Google Ads, Facebook, and 100% of digital channels using the LeadsRx Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™


Include radio, TV, OTT, streaming, and podcasts in customer journeys and attribution


Working with 3rd party integrations, we can capture app installs in addition to in-app events


Incorporate offline events like tradeshows, in-person meetings, and in-store sales


Track both inbound and outbound phone calls as well as SMS campaigns


Use the Open Attribution API to track custom events and for enterprise dashboards

Data, and the Insights from it, has to be an Everyday Part of Your Marketing


We’ve chosen LeadsRx Attribution™ because it identifies paths to purchase using data collected in a privacy-safe manner to provide insights that will inform future marketing decisions. Everyone involved in the marketing process should hold data and its use for improved marketing performance to the highest of standards.



Initial conversions like newsletter sign ups, PDF downloads and views of key pages


Requests for sales contact, product demonstrations, test drives, and proposal acceptance


 Free trials, app downloads, event attendees, in-bound phone calls and personal meetings 


Online eCommerce orders, closed and won opportunities, subscription plans activated and recharged

Identify Customer Paths to Purchase


From organic search and social referrals, to ad clicks and broadcast advertising, the LeadsRx Universal Pixel™ captures touchpoints to learn how prospects develop a relationship with your brand.

Map Your Customer Journey

No two customer paths to purchase are the same. The Pixel looks at each customer’s journey to identify how they became a conversion without being limited by look-back windows or included touchpoints.



Measure the impact of display ad, broadcast, OTT and podcast impressions to learn how consumers respond to branding elements.


Optimize long tail lead nurturing campaigns to determine which pieces of content and outreach drive conversions.


Incorporate 100% of the touchpoints prospects interact with to evaluate which channels are contributing the best and which may be wasted.



Optimize multiple conversion points along your average customer journey to help marketing drive the highest return on ad spend.


Track Your Podcast Advertising

Just as you’d track your offline radio and TV broadcast channels, advertising on the fast-growing digital podcast industry channels must be tracked. By tracking podcast downloads and ads, podcast attribution data provides impartial insights into the channel’s contribution to your marketing performance.

The growing segment cannot be ignored and if it deserves credit for driving consumers to your website and to make purchases, podcast attribution will tell you.

A Complete Attribution Solution: LeadsRx Attribution™ captures it all – collected touchpoints from all channels in your marketing plan, examining conversions from the top of the funnel to the bottom, and mapping the journey each customer took to find you and convert. Best of all, the data is impartial so you can confidently make adjustments to your marketing efforts and spend wisely.



No more guessing. Cross-channel attribution gives credit where credit is due. If a touchpoint is working, you’ll know it. The impartial analytics don’t lie. It’s not complicated. It just works.



Conversion analysis across the sales funnel is plain as day when using LeadsRx Attribution™. Monitor a myriad of conversion types in your attribution modeling. Want to track in-bound phone calls and/or form completions? Done. Want to track completed orders and/or sales stages from your CRM? You got it.


In order to optimize your marketing campaigns, you have to know how your customer found your, what their path to purchase was. Those patterns of touchpoints are vital, and LeadsRx Attribution™ identifies them to determine which ones did – and which ones didn’t – so you can maximize your ad spend and optimize marketing performance.


Universal Pixel™

To maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS), you have to understand the customer’s roadmap to finding you and making a purchase. LeadsRx Attribution™ captures all steps in the sales funnel, from nurturing programs that make that initial contact, to all the touchpoints the Pixel automatically identifies as contributing to the consumer’s journey. 

This impartial information allows you to adjust your campaigns and optimize ad spend, putting dollars to what is working and away from what is not.


One Solution Covers Broadcast And Digital

Radio and television are unique in that they do not leave, per se, a digital footprint. But with LeadsRx, an algorithm uses response windows, impressions, and predictive analytics to identify “second breath of broadcast” attribution. Broadcast channels are then rightfully given credit via a custom decay curve for contributing to a customer’s path to purchase.


Track weblift and conversions using a flexible response window.


Track TV and streaming campaigns from cable, OTT and broadcast.


Track all search and social channels with your existing UTM structure.


Track display impressions and clicks from the world’s largest display networks.


Touchpoint Performance Identified In Real Time

Being able to adjust marketing programs and spend in real-time is a unique advantage of attribution. You see what is working and adjust accordingly. You also see what is not working and pivot to what is. Regular, impartial, continual feedback on each and every touchpoints’ effectiveness lets you see which platforms ad clicks and/or referrals are driving website traffic. Even broadcast, direct mail, and in-person trade show touchpoints are identified and logged.

Attribution reports provide you with analytic insights now so you can adjust campaigns and your marketing mix tomorrow to improve marketing performance.


“Lean Solution For Attribution Tracking”

Great visibility into how people convert, which channels work and how – Info on how a channel assists conversions is amazing – LeadsRx Attribution™ is great if you have clear conversion goals and a number of recognized online channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Fb Ads, Google ads etc.).

“Great For Analyzing Your Traffic”

I like that I can see where my traffic is coming from in a very simplistic and straightforward way. The interface is clean and simple to understand. I can see which leads are new and, out of those leads, how many sales were actually generated.

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